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Yearbook Pose Selection

We all know how difficult the process of yearbook pose selection can be… getting your clients to pick their pose, keeping their choices organized, finding out who has yet to decide and then finally get them all to the school before the deadline… whew! Let The Image Connection take all that hassle away. With our site your client can pick out their yearbook pose from the comfort of their own homes and we keep it organized for you. It is quick and simple for you and for them!

What Your Customers Do…

When your client logs in a pop-up screen will tell them that they have yet to select a yearbook pose. If they answer "No" then they will be returned back to their gallery where they will be able to continue to shop as normal.

Yearbook Select Popup

If they choose "Yes" then they will be brought to a screen where they can view all their available yearbook poses. At this point they can select their desired yearbook pose as well as verify how the spelling of their name will appear in the yearbook.

Yearbook Selection Screen

Once they have selected their yearbook pose the selection cannot be changed. Any future visits to their gallery will indicate which image had been selected.

After Selection Screen

With just those few simple steps your client has picked their yearbook pose. We will store whatever image they choose and retouch it automatically!

What You Do…

Step 1:
Underneath the "Yearbook" category select the "Schools" option. On this page click "Add School" to be brought to the screen where you can add all your schools.

After Selection Screen
After Selection Screen

Step 2:
Now you can begin to upload your senior galleries. Underneath the "Galleries" drop-down select "Create Senior Gallery w/YB Pose". All of the schools you added prior will be listed under the "School" drop-down. Fill out the necessary questions and upload your images. It only takes a few minutes and then your gallery is created!

After Selection Screen
After Selection Screen

Step 3:
After uploading a senior gallery select "Gallery List" under the "Galleries" tab. Select the Gallery Code you have justed created from the list.

After Selection Screen
After Selection Screen

Step 4:
Within your newly created gallery you can now select which images will be available for the yearbook pose. If the school has limitations on what type of images can be used then you are able to select those few. If there are no limitations then we have a "Select All" button available at the top of the list.

After Selection Screen

The Image Connection will automatically create a report for all the galleries you have posted for a school. Once a yearbook pose has been selected the file name and selection date will appear in the report. In the left upper hand corner there is a tally of all the galleries for the school as well as the yearbook poses that have been selected. The report gives you a list of how many students have been photographed plus who has picked their yearbook pose versus who hasn't. With a click of the "Export Yearbook Poses" button you can export all of the high res images. They will be located in your FTP folder with a text file.

After Selection Screen