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23 July, 2018

Offering Discounts

Some of you have expressed a desire to offer a discount on your galleries without having to create a promo code. We heard you and that's why we've created the 'Original Discount Offer (%)' and 'Original Good Till' options within our Create a Gallery and Create a Senior Gallery w/YB Pose pages.

With these two options you will be able to offer a percentage off of a gallery from the time you activate it, until the chosen date you wish the discount to end. It is a perfect incentive for those customers who do not purchase until the very last second. You could also offer further discounts with a promo code during the same time-frame or after the initial discount has expired.

When your customers receive their notification email about their gallery being active they will see within the body all the pertinent information about your sale.

As we stated our original goal is to make the Image Connection the best possible online solution for you as well as your customers. We always listen to customers feedback and whenever possible try to implement requested improvements when we are able.

29 June, 2018

Introducing Commission and Fees Reports

Some customers have brought to our attention that the way Stripe displays information and processes your orders has made it difficult for you to keep track of how much money is being taken out due to processing fees and commission. Within our reports section you will see two new categories on our Sales By Date, Sales By Job Type and Sales by Customer Ref reports called Commission and Fees.

All orders that have been processed since June 26th will have information in regards to these two categories listed within the reports. We hope that this new feature will help you when you try to figure out commission and fees for your records.

As always, we appreciate any and all feedback that you give us that will help make The Image Connection better for you. This is just one more step towards making our site more user friendly and to make your life just a little bit easier!

11 May, 2018

Multi Pose Packages

The response to the Image Connection has been overwhelming and one feature in particular that many are exicted about is the ability to offer multi-pose packages. If you aren't already offering multi-pose packages to your customers now is the time to start! Below we will show some of the features that multi-pose packaging has to offer as well as some newer features that our customers who are currently using multi-pose packages may not even be aware of!

08 August, 2017

Changes to Stripe Refund Policy

As you know, Century Color switched from PayPal to Stripe as the payment gateway on The Image Connection and the Preorder Utility (Advance). The way a refund is handled in Stripe is different from PayPal but bottom line your customer will still receive a full refund minus the credit card processing fee…that part is the same.

In order to refund money back to your customer please contact… we have to initiate the refund transaction. Your customer’s credit card will be issued the refund within 48 hours. Please remember there needs to be sufficient funds in your Stripe account to reverse the charges.

31 July, 2017

Our New Watermark…

Some Image Connection users expressed to us their concerns that the watermark used on online images might not be dark enough to deter people from copying images without permission. So we moved quickly to address those concerns! We have no updated our watermarks to stand out more effectively against even the lightest of backgrounds.

20 March, 2017

Time for a Makeover…

So, we decided to give The Image Connection a makeover!!! The new design and layout brings a fresh new feel to the site along with some new tweaks and refinements along the way.

Hope you like it…

Mobile Friendly…

Mobile phones and tablets have quickly become the devices of choice for consumer browsing and shopping…and it will only continue to grow more and more in the near future.

Making sure our site has all the features you need in order to maximize your sales potential is our number one goal.

We are happy to announce that your customers can now view and order from a phone or tablet!

Staying ahead of the curve is not easy but that's our commitment to you with The Image Connection. Stay tuned for more new, exciting features.

Did You Know…

We have a service called Studio Control. When an order is placed by the consumer, Studio Control orders go directly to the studio…not to Century Color. This service is perfect for photographers who like to do final cropping, retouching, color corrections, etc. before the images get printed. The commission for Studio Control is only 6% as opposed to the 12% commission for Full Service.

02 March, 2017

Say Goodbye to PayPal…

After 5 years of using PayPal as the gateway for payments on THE IMAGE CONNECTION it was time for a change. While PayPal is one of the largest and most recognized payment processing companies, it had many issues and security checks that made processing credit cards very difficult.

It seemed that PayPal’s first goal was to try to sign up as many consumers with PayPal accounts as possible as opposed to making it easy for the consumer to pay by credit/debit card. We received several calls complaining that PayPal wanted consumers to sign up for a PayPal account in order to make a purchase. While this was not the case, the PayPal checkout form was very misleading causing this confusion.

PayPal would only let you use a credit card as a PayPal visitor 15 times or let you charge up to $4000.00 using a credit card for the life of the card. When it didn’t accept the card for one of these reasons the default error message was "We’re having technical difficulties please try again later". Great message to cause an even bigger problem…consumers would try back later only to be rejected again…

Make a Good First Impression…

You just posted a new senior gallery and you’re excited to have your clients see their images as soon as possible. So, after you have completed the upload of images and made your gallery "active", The Image Connection will automatically send out an email to the student and parents letting them know their images are available. Within minutes of posting, your clients can be looking at and sharing their images with family and friends. And, to tease them a little, the first image in their gallery is there for them to see…

Track your views…

In your Image Connection reports section is a report called "Gallery List". This report shows all your active galleries. One of the key reporting features shows how many times a gallery has been viewed, how many orders have been placed from this gallery and the total dollars of the sales from the gallery. Great information for sure!

Some galleries can be viewed 50 times with no sales…what are they waiting for? It can be very frustrating seeing how many times a gallery has been viewed but hasn’t generated any sales. But that’s a discussion for another day.

We’ve added a key filter to this report that will allow you to display only galleries with "no views". It’s safe to say galleries with "no views" will generate no sales…very profound!

If you have sent out information letting your customers know that their images have been posted and after 2 weeks there have been no views…it certainly indicates there may be a problem. Maybe they never received the information you sent out or it was directed to the wrong person in the family. Whatever the reason…by monitoring this report you can potentially nip a problem in the bud. Try an alternative way of sending out the information to this family…maybe a postcard or a telephone call. Remember "no views" equals "no sales"…

Did You Know…

you can personalize the bottom of your clients invoice? That’s right…in your IC Admin there is a section where you can add your own studio message. Maybe you want to say Thank you or let them know when they can expect delivery of their order or maybe you want to offer them a family portrait session. The choice is all yours!

25 June, 2015

Hassled by Yearbook Deadlines?

We all know how difficult the process of yearbook pose selection can be… getting your clients to pick their pose, keeping their choices organized, finding out who has yet to decide and then finally get them all to the school before the deadline… whew! Let The Image Connection take all that hassle away.

21 January, 2015

New Features

Introducing three new features to The Image Connection: sales tax totals within a date range, download reports to a CSV and no shipping on digital downloads & retouching

15 January, 2015

The Image Connection Reports

We've created Image Connection "Reports" to help you better track your orders from internet sales. To access Image Connection "Reports" go to the login page on the Century Color website