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Multi-Pose Packages

We know a huge draw for purchasing packages is the ability to pick multiple images for a package. That's why you can offer multi-pose packages on the Image Connection. When you fill out the package information in the price sheet we send to you just tell how many poses to make each package and we'll take it from there.

What Your Customers Do…

When your client logs into their gallery they will see all your available packages. They will choose the package they would like by clicking on the the package name.

Mutli-Pose Packages 1

All of the prints available within your package are placed in a list with a check box. When your client chooses an image along the top of the screen it brings it into the ordering window. That is the image that will be placed into any of the check boxes your customer selects. From there they can select another image along the top and check off the prints they wish for that image to be in. If they unchecked a check box that image will revert back to the dark gray icon box, allowing them to re-choose an image for that print.

Multi-Pose Image Selection

Once they have chosen all the images for their prints the "add to cart" button will appear. Upon adding their package to their cart they will then be able to continue shopping by purchasing more prints, specialty products or even another package.

Add to Cart Button