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It's YOUR storefront. That means your logo, your name, your EVERYTHING.


Don't offer one set of pricing? Not a problem. With the Image Connection you can create unique price sheets for your underclass jobs, senior jobs or even for just a specific gallery!


The internet can be a scary place, and many parents are hesitant to have their child's image available for just anyone to see. The Image Connection offers parents peace of mind knowing that their child's images are protected by a unique User name and Password.

Digital Download

With the Image Connection you can offer your clients the ability to purchase a Digital download of their image. It's quick, easy and an excellent additional up sell product or Bonus item … and best of all, it all happens automatically!


As orders are placed, an email confirmation will be sent to both you as well as your customer. The funds (minus commission) are transferred immediately to your Stripe account.


Wish to track your orders? The Image Connection allows you to view reports of all your sales. You can search by date, job type, school or customer reference.

Powerful Marketing Tools

We give you the ability to download a CSV file of all your customers' emails, giving you the ability to import them into your favorite email client for future marketing opportunities.


Selling packages just got easier! The Image Connection gives you the ability to create customized product packages for your customers to purchase. This includes multi-pose packages. Just tell us what you want!

Yearbook Pose Selection

Now your customers can choose their yearbook pose from the comfort of their own homes!

Preorder Forms

Create preorder pages for all your schools that have a school database. Make your data entry faster, more accurate and CHEAPER too!