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How time-consuming is creating/posting a gallery?

It's a very quick and easy process. Filling out the information for a gallery takes less than 2 minutes. You need to put the images into a "zipped" folder. Once your images are uploaded, your gallery will be "live" in less than 5 minutes.

If a family has more than one child in a school, can they switch galleries?

Yes… you can order from more than one gallery. This feature allows a customer to combine orders and save on the shipping cost.

If a family didn't order a package, can they still order online?

For those that didn't buy a package, we offer a "No Buy" proofing strip with their gallery code, personal pin and instructions on how to place an order online. For those that DID order, they will get this information with their packages for potential reorders.

How does my client access the digital download they have purchased?

After logging in, those that purchased a package that included a digital download will have a button appear under the image that allows them to download the file. If the digital image has been purchased online, the file will be emailed to the client. Suggestion: Include the digital file in your top 2 packages… this has been very successful in moving customers from a lower package to a higher one!

My senior packages include retouching. How can I make sure the images ordered are retouched?

When creating a price sheet, you can choose to have automatic retouching on all ordered images. Any ordered images will be tagged so that you won't be charged multiple times for retouching.

Can you pick a yearbook pose from a Senior Gallery?

Yes. This is one the strongest features of the Image Connection. First, you can identify which images are eligible for the yearbook if the school has certain guidelines. When the consumer goes online they will receive a prompt to select the YB pose. Once the pose has been chosen it will automatically get retouched. The Image Connection keeps track of all the chosen poses by school. With the click of a button you can export all the YB poses for a school right before the yearbook deadline.

Can I get Boutique packaging on my drop-shipped orders?

Yes… similar to the "auto-retouch" when creating a price sheet you can select "auto-package" for every order. This feature ensures that each order will get boutique packaging before being shipped.

Once a customer orders a package, is there a way to offer discounted prices on additional prints?

You have options when creating your price sheets to offer discounted prices that apply to prints added to any package. If the consumer doesn't order a package than the "a la carte" pricing will apply.

Can my clients order off their mobile phones/tablets?

Yes, your clients can order using their phone or tablet.

How can I offer promotions and specials to my customers?

We've created over 30 electronic ads specifically designed for our Image Connection photographers to use in email blasts. View them here.

How and when do I receive my payments?

The photographer must have a Stripe account in order to receive funds. When an order is placed… funds are transfered to your Stripe account immediately!