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Digital Download

Social media is dominating our present and we are sure it will dominate in the future as well. You can't change that but what you can change is how social media works for you. Everyone today has an account with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or whatever other photo sharing site you can think of. They want your images and they want to share them. Well, like they say, if you can't beat them join them. So, let them share your images…but for a fee.

Underclass Prepay Digital Download

  • When your customer orders a package with a digital download they will receive our "digital download handout". This handout directs them to your website, and gives their gallery code and personal pin needed to access their gallery.
  • When your client logs on, they will see a "digital download button" beneath their image. They simply click on this button to automatically download their image.
Digital Download Button
Digital Download Handout

Our customers have been telling us that when they added a digital download to their top 2 packages they've seen a HUGE increase in sales of those packages.

It's the best of both worlds! Not only are their customers getting a digital download but prints too!

Digital Downloads…

A Key to Higher Sales.

A la Carte Digital Download

It's no extra work for you but you'll rake in the profits as your customers will buy that digital download time and time again. We've seen numerous orders where the customers not only bought the digital download, but also prints and even packages as well. So remember, your customers still want their prints… they just want their digital download too!

  • When your customer purchases a digital download they will receive an email with their image attached within 1 to 2 business days after the completion of their sale.
Digital Download Handout